Will we stay or will we go?

Updated: Mar 29

Our restaurant in the days before Covid-19

I am reaching out to you in the difficult situation that has arisen with regard to the economic restrictions announced on 14 March 2020 by the Spanish government for the restaurant and hotel sector due to the health crisis triggered by the COVID-19 expansion.

In 2018 we have left our prospering careers in England and came to Spain to escape big city life, change our lives for the better, to eat more healthy and to live more quietly. Later on we had this opportunity to open Meson Mudejar so people from all over the world can also come here and enjoy the peaceful surroundings that Archez has to offer and eat healthy, vegan food helping the world and the animals at the same time. This was our goal.

It took us 2 months of hard work to open Meson Mudejar.

We also paid the rent before we started our business (the restaurant opened on June 15, 2018). During this period of time (2 months) we did a number of works that enabled us to open the restaurant such as: repair of electrical installations, repair of sanitary and plumbing systems, painting and refreshing the rooms and the entire apartment, repair of walls in the restaurant and bathrooms, service and maintenance of the heating system, service of all air conditioning in the rooms, renovation and restoration of floors, bringing to use the kitchen, bar and many others.

We had to pay for all this from our own pocket.

Our initial investment was about 20,000 euros. Then, in the first year of operation, I had to sell my van to continue paying the rent from our own pocket every month. This is how much we believed in this project. This was a very hard start for us as we have opened a vegan restaurant in a very small village in rural Spain with hardly any local customers and also with no experience in this business. In the following year the business was growing and we no longer had to add the money from our own pocket and the income from the restaurant kept the project going even though we hardly had any occupied rooms. Last spring we opened our website www.mesonmudejar.com and started to write a blog. Thanks to this, more and more people started to find us and book rooms, which we were very happy about. We saw our future quite clearly, there was no question of any bankruptcy. In October 2019, we were even declared in the English newspaper 'The Guardian' as one of the best vegan hotels in Europe (click here).

Since we started renting the building (from May 2018), we have never been late with our rent payments and they have always been paid on time.

In the course of these two years all the refrigerators which were already in their age and were in the premises have ceased to work and everything has been repaired and replaced and is functioning perfectly. On top of that we have paid for everything that needed to be repaired for the past two years and have never asked the landlord for help.

Any money we have managed to earn we have put back into the business to keep improving it and to win more customers. For this reason we do not currently have any additional money or savings to pay our rent under the circumstances.

Due to these circumstances, we have asked the landlord to cancel our rent for another month or two until customers can safely return to our restaurant and rooms. She has refused to help us as she is not able to do anything for us. Even if we want to move out now we are still obliged to pay two months’ rent and on top of that we will loose 3,000 euros deposit because of breaching the contract that runs until April 2021. Even if all this is not caused by us but because of the situation we are all in at the moment. Rent cancellation was our only chance to survive these very difficult times. Not only the business, but also our personal life because this business is all we have. We are not able to enter into any debt, so there is no option for us to defer payment of rent while the business is closed by the government.

As soon as we start making money, all finances will go straight to paying the rent without any redundancy.

During the period of non-payment of rent our time is spent on further renovations and refurbishment of rooms and the restaurant.

We are asking you to support us in this situation. We know and understand that many people are in a difficult financial situation right now, but if you are our client and you want our restaurant to survive and continue to exist, then please support us financially through a collection we have on our Facebook page - every penny counts.

Please note that we cannot guarantee anything in this difficult times as none of us can predict if we will survive or not.

We wouldn't want to leave Archez because we feel like we're home. We live here well and have been warmly welcomed by the local community.

We look forward to hearing from you.

David & Kinga

What can you do to help?

1. Share, like and comment this blog post.

2. If you live locally ( Archez, Competa, Canillas de Albaida, Salares & Sedella) you can order food online and we can deliver food to your door ( please order one day before).

3. On our website there are food and room gift vouchers available for you to buy now and use them later when we are back in business. There is a free gift on each voucher.

4. We also have chocolates for sale on our website- people who have tried them tell us that they are amazing. You can order them here and we can also deliver them to your door.

5. You can also book a stay with us or a package holiday for the coming months. Please note that the dates can be flexible and can be changed with no extra charge.

6. There will be a fundraiser live on Facebook so if you feel you can support us this way you can click here. If you don't have Facebook you can also donate money into our account ES86 3058 0719 8527 7020 4483 BIC: CCRIES2AXXX Please add 'SaveMM' in the description.

You can also donate to our Paypal account

If you donate to our account we will post all names (or full names if you wish) here and the progress of our fundraiser.

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