The story of a tower

Updated: May 20

When we arrived here we didn’t know too much about Andalusian history. As an outsider, you tend to notice things with a different eye. Everywhere is different. Every place with its own flavour, texture, and colour.

So we came to first notice the colour. Esthetically pleasing. It makes you think of unity. The creation that is bigger than just one house. A system that everyone takes part in.

Whitewashing as so many other things that got rooted in the culture and landscape comes from the times of Moors who have been here for quite a long time. It is something done around here usually twice per year. White colour protects the houses from the heat of the sun keeping them cool on the inside. It also preserves the house from decaying giving an extra layer of protection. It kills the insects and also makes it waterproof. We don’t want to write all the history of it as we are far from being experts on the subject. Yet in order to understand the vast diversity of a feeling that you can almost smell when you travel around those lands, it’s good to know a couple of things that we were really fascinated to find out ourselves.

The Moore empire originated at the beginning of the 8th century and lasted until the end of 15th century what makes 800 years of history. Its legacy is still vivid and noticeable. It stretches from cities and language to the ways of living.

Aside from white colours. Andalusia is full of towers. Every village and city has them. They exist for different reasons. Some were really important to observe and protect people from incoming dangers. Some were built as a part of a fortification. Some are simply minaret towers. Muslims would use them to let everyone know about the time of praying. From the Arabic word manara meaning the place from which you can see the sun.

The tower in our town was built in the 16th century along with the church. The tower itself has a style characteristic to northern Africa. Square slim tower climbing up on the firmament of white town laying down below.

Encrypted in the surroundings. How many generations of little children sneaked in when it was accidentally opened to climb up to see the town from the top. It certainly feels like entering an entity of secrecy and treasure.

For that very reason, it became a touristic attraction to chase and track them all down. To catch another view and elusive feeling of the past slipping through your fingers.

We strongly encourage to indeed chase them all down. Along the way, you find new places and corners of towns you maybe would have never visited in the first place.

You can find them in many places nearby which you can find on the map down below.

Imagine how surprised we were one day to find out we actually have the keys to this tower! Not many visit the tower aside from local birds. If you are in the neighbourhood or stay in one of our rooms feel free to ask for the keys.

Bird-eye view

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