Salares - round trip (trail)

Updated: Feb 15

Today we would like to take you on another beautiful walk. We are starting in Salares, a small, quiet and beautiful village situated near the borders of Tejeda Natural Park and within a stunning view of La Maroma mountain. If you are coming there in the car from Archez you will find a long car park at the village entrance where you can park for free. We advise you to park at the right hand side as this is where you will start the walk.

Approx. 4.5 km(2.8 mi), duration 1.5 h

1. Right after the first pedestrian crossing, or at the right hand side of the parking you will see a pathway to your right, leading up. Follow that path.

2. You will get to a drinking water source on the crossroad. Pass it on your left side and continue walking.

3. Continue going up Calle del Rio ( Spanish for 'river street')

4. You will continue walking up, along the brick wall and you will pass a pharmacy on your right hand side.

5. On the next crossroad turn right, passing on your left the City Hall ( Ayuntamiento) and another drinking water source .

6. Continue walking down the road.

7. When you reach a black metal balustrade on your right you need to take a sharp right going down the road.

8. You will find yourself on an old 'arabic bridge' (puente arabe) which you have to cross.

9. After crossing the bridge you will start walking up the mountain trail.

10. At the crossroads turn right continuing up the hill.

10. As you continue going up a resting spot awaits you, where you can grab a snack or simply take a seat and enjoy the stunning views of Salares, Sedella and the mountain La Maroma.

11. On the next fork turn left and continue going up.

12. Once again, turn left and continue going up.

13. You'll reach another fork on which you turn right. You should be able to see a stone structure guiding you the right way.

14. On top of the hill you will turn left and continue walking up the dirt road.

15. You will walk for a while on that road having a chance to see a stunning view over Competa on your right.

16. This one is slightly tricky so try to pay attention! As you can see in the picture down below we are facing back to where we came from which means that while walking, you'll notice this turning point where you start heading back down to Salares. You have to turn around and follow the smaller path to the right.

Down below you can see the beginning of the path heading back to Salares.

natural park salares

17. Once again you will walk for a while until you reach another fork on which you should turn left and continue descending.

18. If you followed all the directions you will end up making a full circle reaching the same crossroads where you started your walk. Turn right and continue walking down.

That is it! You have made it all the way back! If you feel a bit tired and need to get some food or coffee we strongly recommend you to visit the local bar El Theo. You would not believe how many incredible stories the owner can share with you. If you would like to eat something without meat it is better to ask in advance. The owner has a lot of knowledge about food and can surely prepare something tasty for you. He has been around long enough to know a bit just about everything. You can sense the peace in his mind and his heart. As you enter his bar you are brought back to a different time where everything is somewhat slower, more honest and so peacefully grounding.

Once you have recharged your batteries feel invited to discover many little pathways and the history that calmly breathes as the village flows through eternally existing moment. You can visit the church and see an old tower, the everlasting witness of the Moor empire.

How did you like this walk? Did you find it difficult or maybe you have known it for a long time? Let us know in the comments! If you have any suggestions or advice we are always incredibly grateful to read your thoughts and tips.

Till the next time!


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