Competa - Canillas - Archez (trail)

Updated: May 22

In this post, we’d like to offer you a guide on how to get from Competa to Canillas and from there to Archez. It is a beautiful and lovely walk that shows you the beauty of white Andalusian Villages, scenic views, and little bits and pieces of stunning nature. It’s a relatively easy walk. So don’t be afraid and try it out yourself ;)

It's around 4 km (2.5 miles) and takes approx. 1 hour

1. Standing on the main square of Competa head towards “Oficina Tecnica”

2. Take your first left passing by "Bazar Andalusi" in which you can find beautiful hand-made crafts made by a local artist.

3. Continue straight ahead. You’ll pass a pharmacy on your left.

4. Continue further with the road. You will see “Balcon de Competa” where we recommend to take a detour and take a quick peek at the vast view.

5. Passing the church head right and turn left onto the path with a wooden fence.

6. As you continue with the path you’ll have a chance to meet a friendly ostrich. Feel free to say hello or offer a carrot :)

7. Once you reach the main road, turn right

8. Continue for approx. 100m and turn left, back on the trail

9. Once you’ve reached the asphalt road again, continue going down.

Beautiful poppy flowers in Canillas de Albaida :) Enjoy

10. As there are many paths and ways to go through Canillas we find it the most useful to follow a simple rule which will get you through the town. Pick and choose any path as long as it goes downhill.

11. If you followed all the paths going down you will reach a sign that shows Archez to the left.

Turn left and continue until you reach Archez.

Safety tip. While walking on the streets around the mountains always keep the outer side of the road.

It makes you more visible. As roads tend to be narrow at times drivers cut corners.

So to make sure you stay safe always keep the outer side.

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