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Updated: Jan 13

What kind of vegans are we? What do we eat and how can we survive our B12 and protein deficiency? :)

There are many blogs and posts that touch upon such a subject being very informative and full of inspiration. Because of those articles and broad research on the matter, we personally were able to learn so much. Becoming a vegan is the easiest decision one can do. Taking care of yourself and learning how to do it in the best way possible is another story. Learning new habits and embracing new life routines finding out what is really good for you - that is a process.

“Life is a journey, not a destination” Ralph Waldo Emerson.


The most important part of becoming a Vegan for us was understanding that every animal is sentient. What does it really mean?

The word itself would be defined as the capacity to feel experience or perceive subjectively.

We think that everyone who ever had a chance to form a relationship with any animal can confirm it with no doubt that animals they had the opportunity to meet are indeed feeling and thinking creatures.

Based on those truths there is a very little step to be made to become a vegan.

Even though there are many other reasons for which it simply makes sense to be vegan. That compassion was the greatest compound of our journey.

To give you the perspective on how smart animals are you can see countless videos about pigs who are actually as smart as a 4-year-old child. And we think it’s undeniably unimaginable to consider eating a 4-year-old child right?

But this post isn’t really about the pigs. If you’d like to find out more about the pigs watch the video down below.

How about that B12 dude?

There are quite a few misconceptions about veganism being unhealthy or nutritionally dangerous to people. Among one of the most famous claims that people make there is one that has been said more than others. It is a B12 deficiency.

We are no experts or scientists. But thankfully there are people who care enough to find out what is the truth. So the facts are that most of the people tend to have B12 deficiencies these days simply because of our environment and the way we grow our fruits and vegetables is so different from what it was before.

Back in the day, our environment was full of good bacteria and microorganisms and that was enough to provide ourselves with vitamin B12. Right now we live in a world that is: clean to the point of sterility, full of antibiotics and pesticides. So you do want to wash your vegetables and fruits as in most of the cases they are treated with some chemicals.

So the easiest way to make sure you get enough B12, in any case, is simply to supplement it.

Even livestock animals in most cases get their vitamin B12 through supplements. So eating meat you just supplement it indirectly. It doesn’t make too much sense, does it? To listen more about studies and so on about B12, you can try here -

Click Here

New years resolutions

One of the reasons we write about all this right now is due to the fact that the year comes to an end. Every day is as good as any other to make a change. Nevertheless, a new year means a new beginning. It’s yet another chance to try to better yourself. To give compassion a chance.

To make it even easier there is an annual happening which is Veganuary. It challenges people to try to take on a vegan diet for a month. If you sign up you get recipes and motivation daily. And it’s all for free. If you’d like to try it out. Become happier, more concise of your actions or maybe just because you want to be healthier. Any reason, to stop being a part of animals’ suffering is noble and good. Check out this website to find out more:

uk.veganuary Click here

What about tradition?

There is a big thing of tradition or the sense of commodity that people say is making them eat meat and dairy products. But if we try to look at it from a broader perspective. Slavery used to be normal. Gender inequalities were a given. And yet we try to rise above those issues. Develop and move forward towards a better brighter future where everyone is respected and has a right to live.

Coming to a tradition part of it and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. Let’s think for a moment about another tradition or legend that we grew up with here in Europe.

The legend of animals that magically get the power to speak for one special night of the year.

Christmas night. What would they say if it really happened? What would all those livestock animals living in cages their entire lives say? What would you say if you were that smart sentient creature condemned to death from the day you are born?

We hope that once we reach down to our compassion and love we can try and care for all. There doesn’t have to be so much suffering. It’s all up to us and our choices.

Helpful sources

At the end of this post, we’d like to share some of the most informative and inspiring sites you can also visit if the subject we touched upon here somewhat seems interesting to you. We feel it is important to nourish ourselves with information.

The latest movie that explains Veganism from health perspective proving that being vegan not only you can be healthy but stronger, faster and living longer -

Gamechangers Movie Click Here

A platform made by Dr. Greger who finds reliable research and explains countless things based on real scientific research only. Not sponsored by anyone. He also wrote books on a subject which income he gives to charity. A man with a real sense of mission -

Nutrition Facts Click Here

Another website made by Dr. Mcdougall. You can find countless healthy recipes (for free) and inspirations -

Dr McDougall Click Here

If you are ready to see the suffering and want to understand where our compassion also comes from you can watch a documentary that shows the truth on what happens to animals behind the scenes of this gigantic commercial industry -

Watch Earthlings Click Here

*Pictures in the article come from stock websites

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