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Updated: May 20

We really enjoy sharing with you those little paths and walks. And we find it important to be all written down in English so that everyone that stays in our hotel or just happens to be around here gets a chance to pick and choose from a great diversity of things you can do in this area. We were told by one of our regular customers that she found out about one of our walks and got a chance to discover it even though she’s been living here for a while. And that warms our hearts deeply and keeps us writing all those walks to share what we get to discover and to make it easier to others. If you know about any paths or treks or fascinating things about our local culture or nature let us know! We’d love to learn more and share that with others! But let’s get to the point of it. There is a viewpoint not far from our restaurant from which you get to see the panoramic view over Archez and Canillas de Albaida. If there are no clouds you also get to see La Maroma mountain from there. During late morning sunny days (meaning most of the days around here) you get a chance to bath yourself in the sun and take pleasure from just being alive.

Approx 1km - 0.6 miles both ways

1. Starting from our restaurant head down towards the river.

2. Once you reach the road next to the river turn right

3. Cross the river

4. Turn right going up the hill.

5. You will notice that the road is quite steep. On the right hand side, there are a couple of benches if you want to relax before ascending :D. This road is called a 'heart attack hill' by some of the residents of Archez.

6. Once you climbed to the top and reached the main road turn right. You can take a quick breath after climbing up the road and already see quite a beautiful view on your right hand side.

Bird-eye view

7. Continue a bit further up the road and you will find the view point on the right hand side. There are benches to sit down and enjoy a snack or a piece of literature. As you can see on the photo below you can also park your car there if you do not fancy walking ;). If you continue on this road it will take you to a lovely village of Salares.

Enjoy the beautiful views and let us know if you liked it! Until the next one!


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