Archez to Competa - trail

Among many people that come to Archez there are quite a few that come walking from Competa and end up eating in our restaurant or one of the other places available in Town.

Many of them come back walking with the exact same path which we find not necessary.

There is a different one about which not many are aware of. So we decided to write a short guidebook on how to get from our restaurant back to Competa with a shorter and most importantly different road than the one typically taken by all the hikers. Why not see more when possible?

It's around 2 km and takes approx. 30 min

1. Heading out of our restaurant turn right and go up with a couple of stairs.

2. Take the first right and continue straight

You will pass a bar Avenida on your left

and line of orange trees on your right

3. Head down the street.

You will see the bridge on your right side.

Continue further straight.

4. You will pass a bus stop on your right.

Continue further with the road.

Safety tip. While walking on the streets around the mountains always keep the outer side of the road. It makes you more visible. As roads tend to be narrow at times drivers cut corners. So to make sure you stay safe always keep the outer side.

5. You will reach a wooden sign saying “Archez”.

Take a left onto the path leading up.

6. Continue going up next to the white fence.

7. You will reach a crossroads on which simply follow the path on the right going up.

8. On the next crossroad keep ascending to the right.

9. Once you reach a chain and houses, turn left

10. Continue straight. You will see Bodega wine tasting on your right.

If you have the time. It’s possible to have a quick detour ;D

trying out some of the finest wines in the neighbourhood.

11. Once you’ve reached a main road continue straight towards Competa.

12. You will see the sign that’s how you know you’ve reached your destination.

13. If you want to get to the main square of Competa just continue with the road.

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