Archez to Canillas - off the main road

We find ourselves walking up and down Archez to Canillas quite frequently over the course of time. Not everybody knows there is a shorter path that excludes going with the main road. Not only is it shorter it’s wilder, more peaceful, and in our opinion more beautiful alternative. So if you find yourself too going back and forth with the same route or simply you want to enjoy a nice short walk closer to trees this path is for you.

It starts the same way as another walk we’ve talked on our blog before but we will start it off from the beginning which in our case is always Meson Mudejar restaurant.

Approx 2km both ways

1. So going out of our restaurant head towards church/tower.

2. Pass the church on your left side.

3. Continue straight and then turn right.

4. Continue further on the same road. You will pass a cemetery on your left side and enter a trail path.

5. As you walk you will notice a small old mill on your left.

6. Turn right up on the fork.

7. Continue walking up until you reach another fork on which again, turn right.

8. As you reach another place where you need to choose the road, once more turn right to continue going up.

9. You will reach the main road and by following it up you will get to Canillas de Albaida :)

If you are our guest and want to go back with a different path you can simply follow down the main road and it will take you straight back to Archez.

Let us know if the path was of any help to you in a comment section below. If you have any questions or wonders or just want to tell us something nice ;) we are always happy to talk about anything.


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