Archez - short walk to the old mill

We find this blog a very useful space to share information about local trails and short walks and whatever there is maybe not so easy to find out when you come here just for holidays. Even just for the sake of our guests who want to discover this area a bit better, we want to write those little guides of walks and trails we choose to do in our free time. Therefore we’d like to present you with a guide for a short walk to see an old abandoned mill. As always starting from our restaurant.

Very short walk. Around 2 km both ways

1. Head towards the church

2. Pass the church heading towards a tower.

3. There is a tower on your left. Interestingly enough if you want to climb up to have a chance to see the view we have the keys to the tower in our restaurant. Simply come and talk to us about it :)

4. Head further straight and turn right.

5. Continue further with the path heading towards the cemetery. Like many places in Spain, it is always open. You can enter but remember to show respect and maintain peaceful at all times.

6. Once you pass the cemetery you will start walking on a trail path.

You will continue walking with that path until you reach your destination the old mill. While you are walking you will be surrounded by orange, avocado, loquat, custard apple, and fig trees. Even though they all have their owners and it's not ok to go around and steal, sometimes you get to find a ripen fruit laying on the ground and waiting for you to pick it up.

At the end of this walk, a promised old mill is awaiting you with a slow current stream going right next to it. A very peaceful place to pay a visit.

To return back to Archez just follow your steps back.

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